Canada has a tradition of healthcare innovations

  • The electron microscope opened a whole new level of sub-microscopic examination
  • The discovery of Insulin keeps an estimated 13 million Americans alive on a daily basis
  • Pablum™ continues to provide infants all their daily required daily nutrients
  • The discovery of Stem cells to fight various cancers and neurodegenerative diseases
  • Flibanserin, the “female Viagra” was patented by a Canadian!

“As a small country, we certainly need to double down in the areas where our strengths align with growing global market demand…medicine is just one such example.”

Ilse Treurnicht, CEO of MaRS Discovery District (September 22, 2015)

Mammoth’s goal is to apply proven innovation models to Canadian healthcare innovations:

“Joint ventures (JV) between start-ups with limited resources and big companies with those resources…(makes)…all the difference in the rate of commercialization, and the degree of commercial success.”

Dr. Bruce Merrifield, Professor Emeritus, Wharton School of Business, Assistant Secretary of the US Department of Commerce for Technology, & Under Secretary for Economic Affairs (1981-1989), found in “Partnering for Progress, BIRD:30 Years of Collaboration, 1977-2007”

Hospital gurney


In 2014 there were approximately 350 Canadian health innovations in Ontario alone.

CN Tower
Hospital equipment
Hospital equipment

“I remain bullish on Canada. Canadians are capable of creating national wealth when we approach prosperity systematically and strategically.”

Jim Balsillie, past Co-Chairman of RIM, May 8, 2015

The following is a very short list of potential Mammoth JV candidates:

  • Early detection tool for cognitive impairments common in Alzheimer & dementia
  • New MRI contrast agents less toxic and more potent than current approved agents
  • Rapid, low-cost point-of-care blood analysis
  • Surgical suite system to review digital images through hand gestures
  • Enabling device for incapacitated patients to use touch screens
  • Use of sound therapy already proven to reduce tinnitus to improve sleep quality
  • Use of bacterial cellulose based composites for development of vascular grafts
  • Mechanical rapid infusion device for use in emergency situations
  • Enterprise class cloud connected patient monitor to improve post-surgical success
  • Automated patient scheduling for follow-up and specialist appointments

International Strategic Relationships

Mammoth Health Innovation has established strategic relationships with a number of US-based hospitals and universities possessing a reputation for creating innovative healthcare solutions. Since only a small fraction of what is developed in these centers ever reaches the threshold of commercialization, Mammoth provides three critical elements to improve the likelihood of success:

  1. a proven model (based on the BIRD Foundation)
  2. hands-on professional project management
  3. complementary technology from its Canadian pipeline

What's in it for those participating:

The Donors

The Donors will be honored with the prestigious life long association with Mammoth Health Innovation and from Mammoth’s partner Universities for their contribution. Donors will also receive a tax receipt along with regular progress updates from the Mammoth leadership team.

Health IT companies

The US government is a new market for this segment under Special Identification Number (SIN) 132-56. This applies to Health IT companies both in the USA and the 124 countries covered by the Trade Agreement Act (TAA).

Large Global Partners

Large Global Partners will have access to healthcare innovations that provide enhanced features or fill voids in their product lines plus a “first rights of refusal” at exit.


The Universities in the Mammoth network will provide work experience for their Masters and PhD students and create a launch pad for Healthcare Innovation leaders for generations to come.