Mammoth Services

In addition to the Fund, we will also provide access to the large Global Partners and hands-on professional project management.

Under project management, Mammoth opens up the massive US government market to Health IT companies. The first step is listing these companies on the General Services Agency (GSA) Schedule 70.

Our minimum requirements are 2/4/6 – that is; 2 years in business, 4 or more recent references for a Past Performance Evaluation by Open Ratings (a Dun & Bradstreet Company), and a concentration in one or more of the 6 sectors identified in the GSA Fact Sheet (e.g. Electronic health records, Mobile & tele-health, Cloud-based services, Medical sensors, Remote monitoring devices, Assistive technologies).

Mammoth will also offer professional procurement guidance, to assist Health IT companies that we have listed on the GSA, in securing government contracts. Interested clients will be able to also access the Fund to cover costs related to it to for financing the procurement process.

Mammoth’s plan is to also financially support interested Health IT companies, which we have listed on the GSA, to assist them in successfully securing government contracts. Professional procurement guidance will also be available for clients who do not require this financing.

Typical agencies include: