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Mammoth Health Innovation Inc. of Toronto, Canada (Mammoth), today announced that the two recent budgets, both the Canadian federal and Ontario provincial, offer an unprecedented opportunity for Canadian health innovation procurement by our various levels of government.

At the 2017 Healthy Canada Conference, hosted by the Conference Board of Canada, Pamela Fralick, President of Innovative Medicines Canada said, “It is more likely a Canadian innovator will land their first sales at Mass General in Boston than it is to get any Canadian health system to buy. And, this includes the local hospitals responsible for a successful pilot. Moreover, it is easier for them to sell to any level of the US government than one in Canada.”

With these two 2017 budgets, this is about to change. The federal “proposes to provide up to $50 million, starting in 2017–18, to launch a new procurement program, Innovative Solutions Canada, modelled on the very successful U.S. Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.” Although the SBIR is a grant, and US small business procurement is by mandatory set-asides, it is believed our government will be incorporating both into the final legislation.

Meanwhile the Ontario budget includes, “$9B for Hospitals…targeted at new facilities, deficiencies in existing facilities, and enabling innovative models of care.”

Dan Wasserman, Founder and CEO of Mammoth further announced, “As a result of my US procurement and non-dilutive funding expertise, and in light of the the proposed $50 million creation of Innovative Solutions Canada, I have been appointed CATA Alliance’s ‘Procurement Modernization Advocate’. Through this appointment, Mammoth has an expanded role. We believe that in the not too distant future our Canadian health innovators will be able to succeed at home, to the same level they can already do so, south of the border.”

Wasserman concluded, “We are asking all Canadian industry associations, large corporations and SMEs to support advancing these initiatives to ensure the respective budget proposals become law. I hope we can count you.”

About Mammoth Health Innovation Inc.

Mammoth opens the massive US government market to Canadian and foreign Health IT companies. The first step is listing these companies on the General Services Agency (GSA) Schedule 70. For companies assisted by Mammoth with their GSA listing, Mammoth can then provide access to the Launch NY Health IT Fund for financing, and a US “soft landing” site. In addition, Mammoth offers interested Health IT companies procurement guidance.


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